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What is Maryland Known For?

When you think about Maryland, what comes to mind? My mind jumps to the bluest crabs in the United States and Old Bay on everything. Geographically Maryland sits on the Mason Dixon line, which is the line that divides the north and south borders. Technically the state is located below the line and should be considered a southern state, but ask any Marylander and they will surly tell you that their state is and always …

Where to Find Parking around BWI Airport

Find BWI Airport Parking Here:

Honestly, the best way to find airport parking about the airport is to arrange it ahead of time with a parking company:

Econo Park Express, Valet Park Express, Parking Spot Baltimore, Fast Park & Relax and many more, are some of the companies providing parking near BWI Airport.

If you’re staying at a hotel/motel near the airport, then an awesome option is to use a company like Park n …