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Hotels near BWI airport that have shuttle service rides

So let’s say you found some great 20% off vouchers or some other booking site and you’re looking forward to going to Baltimore for your trip. If your flight gets in late at night, you might prefer a hotel that has a free shuttle service to take you directly to your hotel.

BWI is a great airport, but there aren’t that many landmarks that make the area recognizable. There is much space in between Washington and Baltimore that gives the average Marylander a lot of breathing room.

Even though that means that people are going to have to travel more to get to BWI, that means those major metro areas are going to have easier traffic. There is also the consequence of not having as many traditional cab services. Hotels that offer shuttle services are the best kind because they are on a set schedule. These hotels are great alone, yet offer this service.

1. Hilton Baltimore BWI airport

Screenshot: Hilton.com

This is a great airport in its own right, it offers great room service, classy dinners other features. You can have a gym if you constantly need to work out and want serviceable equipment. There is also a pool where you can swim with your friends in a massive area. You can also have breakfast with the hotel wifi. The hotel offers shuttle service which will take you almost anywhere you want within a 3 mile radius. This is mainly intended for going to the airport, but it can also take you to Amtrak and a light rail.


2. Doubletree Hilton hotel BWI

This hotel is a bit smaller and isn’t going to be as busy as the other more populated hotels. The rooms are slick and comfortable, always giving you enough size while still having more space. This location has some great food which can accommodate almost any diet. In fact, this location has the perfect amount of space to let you see the attractions of Baltimore, without being sandwich in the metro area. The shuttle here will get you to the airport swiftly with no detours at all. It’s just intended for those who want to take their plane ride back home.

3. Aloft BWI

free airport shuttle service baltimore
Screenshot: Marriott.com

This hotel is located in Linthicum, Maryland which is likely a much quieter area than what you are used to. The food is delicious and healthy for the breakfast that you get. It is also has a variety of options for dining and the diets that you have. These hotels are optimal for groups that are traveling together. Whether you’re going to a convention or some other event, This shuttle can get you to the airport and back. The pool is likely much smaller than what you’re used to, but there’s a good chance that you can have it to yourself.


4. BWI Airport Marriott

This is one of the busiest hotels in the area. It offers free shuttle service and a ton of rooms. The rooms have great designs that makes you feel like you’re in a ballroom or a mansion. The pool is heated for those who get timid at the thought of dipping in a really cold pool. There’s also a sports bar for those of you who don’t want to miss a second of the game. The only major downside is the price here compared to the other hotels.

5. Holiday Inn BWI

This place is great for those who are just going to stay at one place and do a few things before they leave. The food is okay, it’s free but there are much better options if you go shopping. There are some rooms for dining and meeting rooms, but there isn’t a lot to do outside of that. This is definable one of the cheaper options for hotels if you don’t care for anything that serious. The shuttle is usually on time and give you great service on your way to the hotel.

6. Country Inn BWI

This hotel has a really big pool. So big, in fact, could practice drills here if you are a competitive swimmer. Each bed can easily hold multiple people with the fact that they’re queen sized with four pillows each. The TV isn’t the best, it’s widescreen, but doesn’t have that much width to it. The bathrooms are nice with towels constantly being cleaned and great soap. The hotel also offers meeting rooms that you can have dinner in and display presentations in. The shuttle service is stellar, almost always being on time and offering you the best kind of ride. The prices are also very competitive compared to the other hotels in the area.